Important documents, such as catalogs, drilling protocols and instructions

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All important documents, such as catalogs, drilling protocols and instructions can be found here. A large selection of video material is available in the video library.

The SDS Swiss Dental Solutions ceramic implant product range for the US market is found in the catalog on the left. It contains  a list of the product groups, their descriptions as well as technical schematic drawings and the exact dimensions of the product. There is also an indication that precisely defines the area of application.

The drilling protocols are also included in the catalog. The individual protocol can be found further down this page.

Our biological dentistry treatment form is based on the two following elementary concepts: THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT and THE ALL IN ONE CONCEPT. The former describes the approach of looking at individuals as a whole—and thus also their health.

THE ALL IN ONE CONCEPT is the surgical concept that minimizes the number of surgical interventions, usually down to a single operation.

The current user information includes, among other things, package inserts and various instructions on the correct handling of products from SDS Swiss Dental Solutions. Please note the differences between one-piece and two-piece implants.

Special attention must be paid to ensuring correct handling and sterilization procedures.

To order SDS products, please fill out the order form and sent it to us best by mail, or by fax.

For patients information about FDOJ, root canal-treated teeth and vitamin D3  among others go to our patient downloads.

The drilling protocols provide precise instructions for the drilling procedure and selection of the correct drills, designed for four different bone classes.

The SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION CENTER offers further training and other training courses on the topics of SDS ceramic implants, biological dentistry and health.

The current course offering can be found in the further training catalog as well as on the SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION website.