Start placing ceramic implants in a smart and well organized manner, and let us support you with our SDS BOX service

The SDS ACTIVE CONCEPT is specifically designed for dentists
who are new to ceramic implantology.

Getting started in ceramic implantology has never been easier than with the SDS ACT concept for beginners! This training level is all about “smart simplicity combined with maximum safety”. You will be addressing all late and delayed immediate implant placement situations with a reduced set of 6 implants, which can be used both as two-piece and one-piece implants, thus providing you with a total of 12 options. The SDS 2.1_Value implant generates real added value for you and your patients!

Vitamin D3 and K2

Learn how to strengthen the immune system and accelerate healing and bone regeneration by means of vitamin D3 and K2/mk7 supplementation


Our two SMOP and 2INGIS® guided implant placement systems provide you with extra safety

SDS implants

From the world of practice, for the world of practice— global market leader SDS’ reliable ceramic implants

Start placing ceramic implants in a smart and well organized manner, and let us support you with our SDS BOX service, which makes your interventions even safer and sets a new benchmark for your “biological and digital workflow.” The SDS BOX contains everything you need for straightforward late implant placement. Let the best and most experienced dental technicians and surgeons at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC plan for you:

Implant placement has never been easier, faster or safer!

SDS BOX was the first navigation system to be recognized worldwide by the CleanImplant Foundation

Open the SDS BOX

Remove the drilling template and place it in the required position

Apply the ultra-precise implant bed with the ceramic drills and tools included for template-guided navigation

Effortlessly insert the implant in the perfect position

If needed: For immediate restorations, fix the temporary or temporaries supplied in the BOX in the planned position using the positioning splint

For optimal healing: Provide your patient with vitamins D3 and K2, to be taken over a period of three months

The advantages of zirconia

Our concept is based on the properties of zirconia, a high-conductivity ceramic. As an “inert” material, it has no free surface electrons and is thus far superior to titanium in terms of infection risk. SDS implants are therefore very well tolerated, heal reliably and firmly attach to the bone. The light color of the implants provides additional esthetic advantages, with no dark edges becoming visible at the gum line.

The unique Dynamic Thread®

SDS SWISS DENTAL SOLUTIONS’ unique Dynamic Thread® and various special shapes, such as the balcony implant, allow for safe immediate implant placement in all sockets. Even upper molars can be implanted immediately and successfully.

Getting started with ceramic implantology has never been easier!

Attend our SDS ACCELERATE CONCEPT training program, either remotely from home or at a classroom event in your area!

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