Order 20 +

This offer is limited to the purchase of the BRIGHT implants SDS1.2 and SDS2.2.

SDS Special



With the purchase of 20 BRIGHT implants, you can choose from the following options with which SDS can support you in your work and development

Surgical case

50% discount, in value of $2,067.00

Osteotome Set

100% discount, in value of $1,285.00

25x VITAMIN D3+MK-7 

Supplements for OP support 100% discount, in value of $975.00


2 days of work – scientific support by a qualified expert in the amount of $1,556.00.
For example, write a scientific paper or any scientific work, as well as prepare a lecture and much more.

Training voucher

1,000.00 EUR value towards SBH education courses